SpyKey The ONLY KeyLogger App for iOS and Android devices.

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How to use SpyKey:

1. Download and install SpyKey Server application on your PC running windows XP/VISTA/7.

2. Lounch SpyKey Server on your PC and SpyKey setup page on your iDevice.

3. Enter the same IP ADDRESS appears at the SpyKey server in your iDevice, make sure your PC and iDevice is connected to same local network.

* Advanced users can connect SpyKey from any place in the world by setting dynamic DNS software on their PC or ROUTER.

4. Click Save and Hide. From now on SpyKey server is runing hidden on your PC and will start automaticly every time you start your computer. If you wish to close the server or change the Port press SHIFT SPACE on your keyboard and spykey will appear on you screen. You may need to change the port if it used by other application, make sure you are using the same port at SpyKey APP and server.

5. Click the connect button on your iDevice.

6. Once you are connected every keystroke on your PC will appear on your iDevice !!!

7. Enjoy, Start Spying.

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